Our Process

The Hydrostripper process begins with our office receiving your order and scheduling a pick-up of your palletized and banded signs. Your signs are then shipped to our facility where they are unloaded, counted, cataloged and prepped for cleaning.

Signs are placed under a rotating cleaning head producing 36,000 p.s.i. of water that blasts the old reflective sheeting and adhesive away from the aluminum substrate WITH OUT ANY DAMAGE TO SIGN SUBSTRATE. Our computer controlled motion system optimizes the cleaning path for a fast and efficient cleaning operation

A vacuum system then conveys the particles to a collection container ready for proper disposal. The signs are removed from the cleaning table, both sides are rinsed and they are placed in a rack to air dry. Next signs are hand inspected one at a time to ensure a smooth, clean, and dry surface. Our process will not reduce the thickness of your signs and preserves corrosion resistant coatings.

Signs are stacked according to size, banded, shrink wrapped and returned to the customer free of sheeting and adhesive, ready for refacing.

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